Guy Irritates The Sh*t Out Of His Girlfriend With Horrible Hiking Puns (Video)

So apparently, torturing someone with endless amounts of puns is now a thing. I guess I was ahead of the curve.

The last time we saw pun game this dope was at IKEA, which is notorious for being the arena where couples yell at each other/break up/fight to the death.

No news as of yet regarding whether or not the IKEA boyfriend is still living.

But, another boyfriend took up the mantle. He traveled into some woods in New Zealand for a nice hike with his girlfriend and decided to go ahead and torture the living sh*t out of her.

You guessed it, LOTS of nature puns. Honestly, though, the puns are mostly just variations of the word "moss."

For example, he said,

I hope these puns aren't bringing any aniMOSSity.


Anyway, watch the video if you want to know what it's like to date me.