Guy Can't Handle How Ridiculous His Dog's 'Lion Haircut' Looks (Video)

This video is pretty simple: It's of a man who just can’t handle how funny he thinks his dog looks with its fur shaved like a lion. That’s all.

It’s spectacular.

Now, in a futile attempt to capture how happy this guy is about his dog’s haircut, I will go ahead and list a series of comparisons for you to enjoy:

Comparison #1: I haven’t seen someone so happy about a haircut since the world treated Miley’s pixie-cut like it was the second coming of Christ.

Comparison #2: I haven’t seen someone laugh this hard while filming something since I got "pantsed" in gym class while not wearing underwear -- I was in the seventh grade.

Comparison #3: I haven’t seen someone so pleased with his animal since that episode of Pokémon where Pikachu nearly killed that Squirtle.

On second thought, maybe you should just watch the video.