Idiot Tries To Be A Fruit Ninja With A Sword And Just Fails Miserably (Video)

If you or I felt the itch to destroy a watermelon with a giant saber (which we all feel the need to do sometimes), we would take certain precautions.

Namely one precaution: We would not put said watermelon on a glass table.

But you and I are cowardly, paranoid losers. If running this country was left to us, people would have to wear seat belts and stealing would be illegal.

The man in this video is not like us. He is a fiery champion. A poet with a blade. A prince of war.

Yeah, he tried to slice a watermelon in half with a sword on a glass table.

Don't worry, though; he put a cutting board under the watermelon! He's not an animal, guys!

You'll never guess what happens. Yes, you will. And you will guess correctly.