Desperate Guy Finds Out The Hard Way A Girl Gave Him A Fake Number

Imgur / Shutterstock

Giving someone a fake number when he or she tries to pick you up at a bar is very risky, seeing as usually the custom when one gets a number is to immediately call it so the other person has yours as well. (I actually have never gotten a number from anything other than a deli counter, so this is heresy.)

Apparently for Jeff, he didn't think to do this -- that, or he only had a couple seconds to get the number.

So, he went home and texted the woman whose number he had acquired, thereby beginning their budding romance.

Sadly, it was not to be. The woman in question had given him a fake number.

Thankfully for us (as ravenous consumers of all media that involves the humiliation of others), the person whose number it was took screenshots of Jeff's somewhat less than dignified over-texting.

I'm assuming, considering the first text, the woman (seemingly named Riley) made up something about having to get her friend home in order to swiftly exit the conversation.

My favorite part from Jeff is definitely this bit: “All I will say is, I will come to you.”

He says it like it's this amazing offer: “You won't have to do anything, and I will appear.”

How can a woman resist?