Guy Lucky To Be Alive After Making His GF Think He's About To Propose (Photos)


Elaborate proposals have been a thing on the Internet for quite some time now, and they rank just behind long compilations of relatively heavy objects colliding with human genitalia as my favorite thing to watch.

One courageous boyfriend decided he had had enough of the trend, so he went the opposite direction (no, guys, I did not just write "One Direction" -- RIP Zayn).

This apparently suicidal guy thought it'd be hilarious to hide a ring box in his sock drawer for his girlfriend to find -- which she did.

However, he skipped the part where he hid the ring inside the box and opted to go with this instead:

The only person to play with fire this much was Prometheus, and look what happened to him.

He had his liver eaten by an eagle every day and had his good name tarnished when it was used as the title of an underwhelming "Alien" prequel.

(If you only knew about that second part, you should go read a book -- preferably "Greek Mythology For Cheeto-Loving Dummies Like Me.")

Pulling a stunt like this is a great idea when you're trying to lose your girlfriend/life, but it appears he somehow escaped relatively unscathed:

Yes, you are still alive, sir -- alive in the way a character in "Game of Thrones" is alive. Meaning, for another 30 seconds.