You Can Now Send People Googly Eyes With A Challenge To Complete

There are a few proven strategies you can employ to make a lot of money online, but unless you know how to code or enjoy taking your clothes off for strangers, there's really only one route to take.

Over the past few months, a number of niche websites have popped up, pledging to send people (presumably your enemies) boxes of poop, envelopes filled with glitter and a kit for cleaning their vaginas.

The vast majority of these vendors sell things nobody wants to get in the mail, but the people behind The Googly Eyes Challenge are doing what they can to change the game.

The concept is fairly simple: If you give the website a name, an address and $6.99, it'll mail out some googly eyes along with some sort of challenge related to what may just be man's greatest invention.

The site has around 100 challenges it can randomly choose from, but you can also make a special request if you have any ideas in mind (like one tiny adjustment that would make the Lincoln Memorial a lot more entertaining).