Girls Are Shamelessly Using Tinder To Get Guys To Buy Them Pizza

Attractive people have always leveraged their good looks to get free things, especially the countless girls at bars in college who got free whiskey sours on my behalf because I'm about as good at reading signals as Superman is at disguising his face.

You might think I'm bitter, but I figure if women are going to be objectified and get paid less for doing the same jobs as us and all that general horribleness, they might as well get some free stuff out of it.

Following that legacy, it would appear some girls are using Tinder to get pizzas delivered to them.

They call it "The Tinder Games."

Please note wings were also purchased. You know, for variety.

This stuff is pretty depressing to read.

Yeah, I think the hilarity here is pretty one-sided, sir.

The rules are simple.

But what do you win? Pizza? Because you already have that.

And it's working way too well.

All I'm picturing is Scorpion from Mortal Kombat yelling, "GET OVER HERE!" Is that too old of a reference? If so, tell me. I'll commit ritual Seppuku at your command.

And when pizza fails, there are always other restaurants.

The discussion of logistics here is the most depressing part. At some point, this guy just became her employee.

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