If Girls Acted Like Guys On Instagram, The Results Would Be Hilarious (Photos)

by Ashley Fern

By now you've all seen what happens when guys act like girls on Instagram. The results are predictable, yet hilarious and, honestly, could not be more accurate.

The sarcasm is on point, the poses are perfect and the facial expressions are totally selfie-post worthy.

But what happens when girls behave like guys on Instagram? You know... posting their cars, their workouts, their protein shakes -- ah, I bet you didn't think there could be a reverse on this idea -- but, alas, there is.

So what would it look like if girls acted the way men do on Instagram? Check it out below:

1. The "Fitness Guru"

2. The "Look How Fast I Can Drive"

3. The Not-So-Subtle Subtle Flex

4. The "Post Sex"

5. Sneakers

6. The Cheat Meal

7. The Gamer Girl

8. The "Going Up On A Tuesday"

9. The "Oh, Is My Shirt Unbuttoned?"

10. The "Look How Buff I Am"

11. The "Suited Up"

12. The "Have You Gotten Your Protein Today?"

13. No, But Really...

14. The "Go Team Go"

15. The "Let's Do This" Wedding Day

16. The "No Shave November"

17. The "New Whip"