Girl Dumps Boyfriend For April Fools' Day And It Hilariously Backfires

I only tried to prank someone on April Fools' day once.

The target: my mom.

The prank: I put a cup of water on top of my door, so when she walked into my room, it would turn over, and she'd get wet.

The result: hard plastic cup weighted with water hit her on the head and she yelled at me for the entire length of a "Power Rangers" episode.

That's why I think April Fools' day pranks are a terrible idea.

Case in point: this girlfriend, who thought it'd be hilarious to pretend to break up with her boyfriend over text.

This is a perfect lesson in emotional Kung Fu.

well my April fools backfired :s — hayleigh mcbay (@hayleigh_mcbay) March 31, 2015

It's all about using your opponent's momentum against her.

Also, take a closer look the text that the boyfriend sent just before this conversation started.

Maybe he had it coming. She did follow up on the incident.

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