We Can All Feel For Girl Who Ended Up In Hospital Trying To Recreate Viral Meme


Participating in physically oriented memes can be difficult. It doesn't matter if it's the Ice Bucket Challenge or planking: When you combine the viral with the physical, it can occasionally produce a pretty volatile concoction.

For example, earlier this month, a ghost pepper challenge almost tore a hole in a man's esophagus. I mean, that's a place where you really do not want a hole.

Places you DO want a hole are as follows: in your butt, in your vagina, in your nose (2) and in your ears (2).

Such is the case with one young woman, Mary-Kate Dole. She really wanted to make a video of herself and a friend doing whatever the fuck this is:

The move doesn't have an official name, so I'd suggest “The Perpetually Perfectly Matched Wrestling Championship.”

That, or just “The Four-Legged Donkey Tantrum.” Either of those would be entirely adequate.

It's extremely hard to pull off. In fact, most of the time, it just ends up looking like this:

And yet, because this is America – and because in this country, we do not give up – people are still trying to do it.

Mary-Kate Dole posted this text exchange with a friend about wanting to attempt the dance move:

Her first mistake was the fact that she missed an apostrophe in "we're." Her second mistake was helping to destroy her friend.

Mercifully, there isn't any footage of her actually attempting this move. But there IS this photograph, which documents the troubling aftermath.


As Buzzfeed reports, Mary-Kate now has to use a breathing machine every six minutes for three weeks in order to recover from her badly injured rib. I guess some would argue this is a small price to pay to meme.

It's like that famous saying: Icarus, with his wax wings, flew too close to the meme.

That's how the saying goes, right?

Leave the meme-ing to the professionals.