This Genius Mom Trolled Her Son On Social Media To Get Him To Do His Chores


Kerri, who chose to only go by her first name because she understands the internet, has a son who doesn't take out the trash as quickly as she'd like. He spends a lot of his time on Imgur.

Imgur (if you don't know) is basically where all the funny pictures on the internet come from. Although, there was that one time when I wrapped my cat in a blanket like a burrito, put mole sauce on the towel and took a picture of that.

So, I guess a more accurate statement would have to be this: Imgur is where 99.99999999999 percent of the funny pictures on the internet come from.

(Full disclosure: I never did this. And even if I did, I would have made sure not to get any fake mole sauce on my imaginary cat.)

Kerri's son is 20 years old and has high-functioning autism. He can get pretty engrossed in stuff on the internet, like we all do all the time: including right now, this second, as you're reading this.

Anyway, Kerri decided to get him to take out the trash – which he'd been ignoring because trash sucks and taking it out sucks and the internet doesn't suck – by meeting him in his own arena: Imgur.

She told Buzzfeed,

I said, 'What do I have to do? Post a picture on there to get the trash out?' And he said, 'Oh yeah right, Mom.'

Well, it seems like Kerri's son severely underestimated her. Because she got straight to business:

Her caption read,

So my son has been lurking here and constantly has his nose in the phone reading and laughing at stuff here. He doesn't hear me when I ask him to take the trash out. Help me get this to the front page please so maybe the trash will get taken out soon! Thank you!

The technique worked. Her post reached the front page, and the trash got taken out. Here's proof below:

After the post went viral, Kerri added this to her original caption:

Thank you for helping me get this on the front page.  I feel like I have to explain a few things.  First I want to thank all of the funny, and up building people who commented.  Second, my son is a 20 year old young man who is on the autism spectrum.  He is VERY high functioning and graduated 3 years ago from high school and last year graduated from college with honors.  He is working part time in the field he chose.  He loves being online as most of his peers do.  His recent place to hang out is reading the posts at Imgur.  I know about lurking, front page, dank memes, Gary's Mod, Hat Fortress 2, Markiplier, Minecraft (which I play) because of my son.  I may not be the cool mom but I do listen to him and what is of interest and important to him.  Parenting any child you try to find ways to interact with them.  Sometimes just reminding doesn't work. So I thought maybe I could get his attention and interact with him here.  He is highly amused that his mom got FP on her first post.

This is now officially my favorite sentence:

I know about lurking, front page, dank memes, Gary's Mod, Hat Fortress 2, Markiplier, Minecraft (which I play) because of my son.

You ARE a cool mom, Kerri. You absolutely are.