Some Genius Hacked Tinder To Make Straight Guys Flirt With Each Other (Photos)

Tinder is a very successful app designed with the intent of matching single girls with terrifying men.

According to Elite Daily's talented research team, 50 percent of the guys on Tinder were, at one point in their lives, members of the Cobra Kai karate school from the "Karate Kid."

The basic problem is that guys can pretty much say whatever they want without consequence.

So, to give these turds a taste of their own medicine, a computer engineer hacked the app to trick guys into texting each other.

Basically, both guys involved will see the same picture of a girl and think they're texting her, but they're actually texting each other.


You're so lickable, bro.

Apparently the Chinese is the most lickable of nationalities. Closely followed, of course, by gelatinous bears born on one of the lovely "Gummy Islands."

I'm not usually into bangs, bro, but for you, I'm going to make an exception.

The best part about it all is how often the dudes don't read what the other one is saying because they're way too busy being terrible.

"Baseball bat" is a euphemism.

Ugh, sorry, it's my fat thumbs! They keep making me accidentally refer to myself as a gentleman, instead of my official title: "Girl at your service."

What do you have between your legs? And please be precise.

In new relationships, it's just so important to be really clear what you are and aren't looking for. Being honest and straightforward is so crucial.

I think the fact that I have a penis and not a vagina is probably just a language misunderstanding we will soon surpass.

My wiener was lost in translation. Sorry, I mean "my wiener was lost in a construction accident." Ugh, words are hard.

You and I have something in common, Tinder bro, because I pray you don't have daughters one day, too.

You're so right dude, kids these days are so undignified.

These sleuths are slowly getting to the bottom of the matter.

My favorite thing here is how he's just realized that he's talking to a dude, but he's still going to describe the picture he sees as "a younger better looking of Kim Kardashian." You know, just in case.

This guy thinks they should meet up anyway.

Double down, bro.

And these two guys just engaged in a long, grotesque sexting duel involving churros, popsicles and, of course, scissors.

And you thought you were a foodie!

"I think we got off topic a while ago, I'd really like to return to discussing the prospect you brought up previously regarding whether or not you and I might 'scissor' each other soon."

Your dress looks hot as hell, bro.

Your hair looks so soft and exotic, bro. I bet you use Head and Shoulders, right?

And finally, this guy, who sexts exclusively in telegrams.

I like to think that this young man is a submarine captain who accidentally time traveled from WWII after steering his sub into the Pacific Rim. Now he's just trying to find his way in the modern world like a horny Captain America.