Instagram Posts Would Be So Much Better With Hashtags From The Game

Every successful musicians knows the importance of marketing to maximize their potential, and after dropping a two-part album last month, it would appear The Game has embarked on a new promotional campaign.

While some artists might use radio appearances or meet-and-greets to drum up excitement, the West Coast rapper has decided to take a slightly less conventional route that involves Instagram photos focusing on a fairly specific part of his anatomy.

It's his penis, which he has showcased online twice over the last week.

Some people might disagree, but I think the most impressive aspect of these posts is the incredibly original and ornate string of hashtags that accompanies each photo.

In a world filled with posts tagged with "#blessed" and whatever terrible wedding hashtag your friends decided to go with, the ones the appear underneath The Game's pictures are a ridiculous breath of fresh air.

As you can see, Instagram would be a much more entertaining place if he was in charge of picking out the hashtags for every single unoriginal post on the platform.







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