These Hilarious Food Porn Fails Will Seriously Gross You Out

It's virtually impossible to spend more than a few minutes on the social media site of your choice without coming across a picture of an incredibly photogenic dish designed to make your stomach regret being stuck with you forever.

It seems more and more restaurants are gaining notoriety for menu items seemingly designed to end up on Instagram, and in some cases, it seems like the restaurants are far more concerned with making food look better than it actually tastes.

However, it's also virtually impossible to spend more than a few minutes online without coming across someone who thinks knowing how to add a filter to a picture taken on a smartphone makes him or her a master in food photography.

If you're looking for an antidote to the overly stylized food porn flooding your newsfeed, then you might want to check out r/Sh*ttyFoodPorn, a subreddit filled with people doing things (no, not those kind of things) no one should ever do to food.

If you're interested in viewing some of the world's most brutal culinary crimes, I encourage you to keep reading. However, if you feel like having an appetite for the next few hours, you might want to think twice before scrolling down.

At least they didn't use a hard-shell taco.

That's an interesting choice of presentation.

I don't think that's tomato sauce.

Fusion cuisine can go too far.

It's made from avocados planted on a former nuclear testing site.

These might have been slightly overcooked.

Weed: Not even once.

There is no God because he would have stopped this.

This is what sadness looks like.

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