This Guy Took Fake Book Covers On The Subway And Got Hilarious Reactions

by Connor Toole

It's virtually impossible to last more than a week in New York City without learning to block out virtually everything that occurs after you swipe your card and step through the turnstile into the lawless world of the subway.

You quickly teach your ears to block out phrases like "It's showtime!" and your eyes to focus on literally anything but another person, and soon nothing can phase you (except for that smell -- you never get used to that smell).

Comedian Scott Rogowsky (who played a much less funny comedian in a "Millennials of New York" video) decided to see just how truly numb his fellow riders are to their surroundings by mocking up a number of fake book covers and taking a ride.

If this concept seem familiar, it might be because of this picture of Scott that went viral a few days ago featuring one of the props in the video.

I'm glad to see some people are still paying attention to their surroundings.