Lifestyle — Stand-Up Comic Perfectly Explains How Political Correctness Is Killing Comedy

I've seen the term "modern day philosopher" used to describe a number of popular and influential comedians because everyone knows the only real difference between Louis CK and Plato is the number of times "f*ck" appears in the "Allegory of the Cave."

Comedians have traditionally tackled the realities and hypocrisies of life most people are too uncomfortable to confront. But as political correctness continues to tighten its grip on the neck of free speech, it's necessary to have a dialogue about the balance between decency and censorship.

"Millennials of New York" explores this relationship in its newest video following Adam, a 29-year-old comic living in NYC bravely leading the movement against the PC Police and its brutal campaign against comedy.

In such a sensitive world, it's almost refreshing to see a comic who remembers the Golden Age of stand-up comedy -- an era where a comic could fill his or her set with overt racism and unironic misogyny without having to worry about any backlash.

I don't personally love his style of comedy -- I have a personal preference for satirical videos -- but I think we can all agree Lenny Bruce would be proud.