Women Pull Epic Prank On Guys At Beach With Promise Of Mouth To Mouth (Video)

If two very pretty women in bathing suits come up to you on the beach with the promise of kissing, be wary.

The only time this ever happens is during a prank.

No woman ever actually wants to kiss on the beach. Not ever. Trust me, I’ve done the research.

However, lots of guys don’t know this proven fact.

So, when two lifeguards-in-training approach a bunch of guys and tell them they need people to practice mouth to mouth on, clueless guys leap to the occasion.

For example, in this video, neither woman mentions she will not be the one performing the mouth to mouth they both are offering.

No, that pleasure is reserved for a giant bearded monster who will also stick his fingers in guys' mouths and straddle them.

All in all, it's pretty amazing watching these guys wrestle with both germaphobia and homophobia while trying to play it cool in front of the hot "lifeguards."