Tinder Legend Does His Best Morpheus Impression With The Red And Blue Pills (Photo)

by Connor Toole

Depending on who you ask, Tinder is either a place to "meet" and "talk" with people or a great place to find a casual hook up. I say "depending on who you ask" because even though they might be phrased differently, those explanations mean the same thing.

For the past month I've been following the advice of this Tinder tutorial to get girls to like me and, it turns out, I was doing everything wrong the entire time. I never would have realized it until seeing this picture, but funny faces and pictures of exotic places are nothing compared to the intrigue provided by Skinny Albino Morpheus.

If you stopped to read Afshin's profile, I don't see how you could say "no." You might see the blue pill (probably Aleve), but the red pill (definitely Tylenol) is your only real option. I want to see how deep my butthole goes and I'm not usually into that.

It might not work with every girl, but you know the ones who say "yes" are going to be a fun time.

Photo Courtesy:  Imgur