This Tinder Tutorial Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Match (Video)

I did Tinder for a few months and got four matches, none of whom were intrigued enough to respond to the five paragraph essay I sent each one about why I would make an ideal husband.

At the time I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong, but thanks to Kwart over party time, I realized what my biggest problem was: everything.

I had a pretty normal profile picture when I should have had taken a selfie while fighting police officers who were trying to arrest me for tattooing "F*ck the World" onto my friend's stomach after doing something really gangster. I thought his strategy wasn't going to work, but this guy is Tinder Game Ryan Gosling.

You just don't see eleven matches in a row anymore. That's unheard of. Props to this guy for apparently doing something right.