Guy Gets Trolled After Asking Internet To Photoshop Eiffel Tower Photo

We've all heard the story before: A guy asks the Internet to Photoshop a picture, and the Internet -- like a genie who takes its job far too literally -- fulfills his wish by trolling the living crap out of him.

When are people going to learn that asking people with computers for help is like trying to reason with a pack of sharks when you have an open wound?

In this case, one human male requested that people Photoshop him with the Eiffel Tower under his finger.

It's an exercise in metaphysical deconstruction (aka "being mean").

Nice... wordplay.

No trolling feeding frenzy would be complete without the pathologically lazy guy.

It's like that Snake game.

Why Photoshop something when you can just open a space-time continuum?

One day, I'm gonna learn what a space-time continuum actually is. It's like a doggy door, but for time and space, right?

Pay special attention to the expressionistic brushwork.

This person is a Photoshop prodigy.

Okay, this one is just good.

Very realistic shadows.

If a man is Photoshopped out of France, but there is no one around to laugh, did he ever really Eiffel?

"Space Jam 2: Bienvenue À La Jam."

Complete with rec specs.

Two cliché pictures for the price of one.

If only he were leaning more.

This would probably be more appropriate in front of the Taj Mahal.

Either that or Chernobyl.

Doing his best Stretch Armstrong impression (or the mom from "The Incredibles" for anyone born after 1999).

I wonder if he found the fish.

"Kill me."