Guy Gets So Drunk, He Tries To Have A Conversation With Himself In A Mirror


Now, I'm as self-destructive as the next straight, white man, but I usually fulfill the urge to punish myself and self-sabotage by getting too drunk and ripping up money -- like a normal person.

But apparently, in Russia, men are a bit more serious about it. They take "internal conflict" to its natural conclusion: arguing with yourself in the mirror of a grocery store as you try to buy a dozen eggs while your bloodstream is 92 percent vodka and 2 percent rage.

The best thing about this video is he is super pissed off with the guy who looks exactly like him, but he also keeps trying to let him go first, which is polite. I think that must be a metaphor for something, I just don't know what.

The man only stops when the guy videotaping this for us all to enjoy and making fun of the guy who just wanted to get eggs and be drunk taps him on the shoulder and mentions he is arguing with himself.

Anyway, watch and laugh, and take pleasure in the confusion of man.