You Can't Have A Dog Wedding Without A Bachelor Party With Strippers (Video)

If it seems like every single sketch from this season of "Inside Amy Schumer" has gone viral, that's because it has.

Schumer and her team of writers have finally cracked the code, and apparently, it involves absurdly progressive comedy in every single interpretation of the phrase.

Normally, she mixes her comedic talents with some genuine social issue or at least some kind of “truth” (like how women love getting signs from the universe) but here, she gives us one thing and one thing only: dog strippers.

Now, that’s not dogs that strip. No, that’s too obvious. These are women, human women, forced to strip for dogs.

Not sure there’s much more I have to say about that. Although, maybe I should note I once read that dogs have penises that can lock into dog vaginas. Basically, they have penis anchors.

I just thought you guys should know.