This Might Be The Worst Mentos And Diet Coke Experiment Fail Of All Time (Video)

by Connor Toole

Diet Coke and Mentos was basically the first viral trend in the history of YouTube, and just like every major fad that followed, the videos were immensely enjoyed by everyone before it was beaten to death and forgotten.

However, a few people who don't really understand the concepts of timeliness and originality have attempted to resurrect the experiment -- including one admittedly enjoyable video of a guy covering himself in Mentos before jumping into a tub full of soda. 

I'm assuming that's what inspired the people behind the subtly named Sexperimental LOLPervs to conduct a "Mentos Bikini and Diet Coke Experiment," just like I assume their target demographic is 13-year-olds who haven't figured out a way around their parents' web filters.

However, I do have to give some credit where credit is due: Of all the Diet Coke and Mentos videos to be uploaded to YouTube in the past decade (around 221,000), this one might actually be the worst.

To sum it up: This video features a half-naked girl who's covering herself in Diet Coke for ad revenue, and I think I somehow feel dirtier after watching it than she did while filming it.

I can't say I enjoyed it, but I think they deserve at least a small amount of credit for creating one of the most impressively uncomfortable things I've ever watched.