Genius Covers Himself In Mentos And Jumps In Bathtub Full Of Coke Zero (Video)

An explorer is a person who dares to travel into uncharted territory, who dares to put his or her body in mortal peril for the sacred sake of progress.

This guy is not like that. But he is an awesome weirdo who doesn't give a f*ck about his bathroom tiles.

Have you ever seen someone dump 50 gallons of Coke Zero into a bathtub, then stick hundreds of Mentos to his half-naked body and jump in screaming?

Well, you're about to.

You're welcome.

The best part about this video is you can tell he filmed it alone.

So, whenever you're feeling unproductive, lonely or unloved, just know that somewhere in the world, a Japanese guy might be cackling like crazy all by himself in a tub full of frothing Coke Zero.

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