A Canadian Newspaper Actually Used Dave Franco's Fake Stock Photo

Earlier this week, we were treated to a series of photographs featuring Dave Franco and Vince Vaughn that were spot-on parodies of the incredibly popular stock photo genre known as "people doing business things."

The photos were released to the public, but they were also uploaded to Getty Images, which is used by countless websites and news organizations to find generic photos of smiling people in suits to accompany every article vaguely related to working in an office.

Canada's The Globe and Mail is one of those papers -- or at least I assume it is, based on the picture of permastoned Dave Franco laughing at a whiteboard accompanying an article called "This is how millennials want to be managed."

Here's Dave Franco, finding that whiteboard so much funnier than he should.

And here's Dave Franco, a typical Millennial.

As Uproxx notes, there's a chance the paper knew exactly what it was doing, and considering it still hasn't changed the photo, I'm willing to guess it's in on the joke.

I guess you do what it takes to generate traffic for yet another piece on dealing with those scary and mysterious Millennials.

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