You Might Be Able To Buy Your Own Super Bowl Dancing Shark Costume (Photos)

If you're a Patriots fan, you've likely spent the past few days re-watching Malcolm Butler's game-saving touchdown at the end of the Super Bowl this weekend, and if you're a Seahawks fan, you probably haven't stopped trying to figure out why you'd ever pass the ball in that situation.

However, the vast majority of the population seems to care less about one of the craziest endings in Super Bowl history and more about the craziest costumes ever to appear on stage at the game -- more specifically, the now infamous Dancing Sharks.

The Sharks have been the subject of nonstop discussion since they appeared in the middle of Katy Perry's re-creation of her experience with psychedelics, and they've also been the subject of a tattoo that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

I'd say the Dancing Sharks had "jumped the shark" if saying that didn't make me hate myself, but if you can't get enough of their unsynchronized performance, you'll be happy to learn that you might be able to recreate it yourself thanks to Bonobos.

As of right now, the clothing company hasn't officially announced the release of the shark costume, but it claims it will if enough interest is generated.

In preparation, the company compiled a few photos to shape the vision, complete with "Sharknado" and the cast of "Street Sharks."

There is a chance this is simply a marketing campaign and the company has no real intention of releasing the suits, but don't let my pessimism put a damper on the plans you've already made for Halloween this year.

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