The Person With A 'Left Shark' Tattoo Probably Didn't Think It Through (Photos)

The "Left Shark" from Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime show has become something of a phenomenon in only a matter of days.

If you recall, "Left Shark" was the one who botched the dance routine during Perry's performance. For that, he gained instant Internet fame.

Now, someone has become so enamored with "Left Shark," he got its image tattooed on his body.

Left Shark should see a Dr. RT @mashable: Someone loved Left Shark enough to get a tattoo — Julie DiCaro (@JulieDiCaro) February 3, 2015

It's unclear if this is real or if it's just a really good Photoshop job. But, if it is real, I have to say this person did not think this one through.

People will probably forget about this thing in a matter of days, and it'll be really hard to explain the significance of the tat in the future.

On the flip side, it is a pretty cool tattoo, regardless of its meaning.

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