Guy Says He's One Of Katy Perry's Sharks To Pick Up Girl On Tinder (Photos)

There were plenty of fantastic moments to come out of last night's Super Bowl, and even if the whole "interception in the end zone with seconds left to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat" thing didn't do it for you, the live-action mushroom trip Katy Perry staged at halftime probably did.

The choreographed medley of songs featured a 40-foot metallic lion and the singer flying around the stadium on a shooting star.

But the real stars were the two dancers dressed in shark costumes getting their groove on amidst dancing palm trees and bobbing beach balls.

The sharks received even more attention thanks to the left dancer's inability to keep up with the choreography, and the Internet scrambled to discover the identity of the people inside the costumes.

Despite a less-than-stellar track record in the past, the people of Reddit did what they could to figure out who was dancing (and, more importantly, who messed up the dancing), and while we don't have any solid answers as of this writing, a few possible suspects have surfaced.


One user claimed they had matched with a man named Garret on Tinder a week before the performance and posted a conversation where he claimed to be "the shark."

His profile seemed to support his story:

If the screenshot is legitimate, it would appear Garret had some inside knowledge related to the halftime show. However, there's other evidence that suggests Garret never actually made it onto the stage on Sunday night.

Scott Myrick:

Thanks be to Jesus, aka @katyperry for this shark takeover. You called it gurllllll — Scott Myrick (@Scott_Myrick) February 2, 2015

Based on tweets and pictures posted last night, it's safe to assume dancer Scott Myrick was one of the people to take the stage in a shark costume.

There's no real way to verify which of the dancers was Scott, but after someone hinted he was the shark who ignored the choreography, he did what he could to distance himself.

@joemfox as in right shark. — Scott Myrick (@Scott_Myrick) February 2, 2015

Bryan Gaw:

After the performance, a dancer named Bryan Gaw posted a screenshot on Instagram and claimed he was one of the people getting down with Katy Perry (which he later confirmed in a separate tweet).

Unfortunately, Bryan didn't specify which of the sharks he was. Just like we may never know the identity of the person who deflated the Patriots' footballs, we may never be able to figure out The Mystery Of The Shark Who Forgot How To Dance.

That's not going to stop me from watching the Vine of the performance a million times in a row and telling myself it's research. I suggest you do the same.

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