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People Keep Photoshopping This Picture Of Daisy Ridley And Mark Hamill

It was Daisy Ridley's (aka Rey's, aka the Jedi-in-training's, aka the dopest lady in the galaxy's) 24th birthday this Sunday.

To commemorate her special day, Mark Hamill posted this epic photograph of them from set.

First of all, this picture is adorable. Second of all, it's probably an homage to that time Mr. Hamill ran around doing front flips with a puppet on his back.

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This MIGHT imply there is going to be some serious Jedi training in the next film. If so, the pupil will have officially switched places with the master.

And in that vein, /r/photoshopbattles got to work.

Dude, it's like Jedi 101 that you don't piggyback with your lightsaber on.

"What floor?" "Dagobah system, please."

"I think I parked my X-wing over there, under the swamp, where it won't get stolen."


Michelangelo's famous "Creation of Adam Driver."

Then, there is this. No pun necessary.

More is better.

GTFO of here E.T.

OK, this is hot.

Man, master Hamill's training regimen is really intense.

"Tuna melt materials, me want."

May the Force be with you all.

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