Dad Perfectly Reenacts Every Animation From Super Smash Bros (Video)

I'm guessing most people will like this video because it's "super adorable" and "nice." After all, it's a father and son getting together, being cute and acting out the goofy gestures of adorable animated creatures.

But, please join me for a moment in a little thought exercise.

The animations this dad is imitating are the “taunts” you can do in Super Smash Bros. when you defeat your enemy.

Now, I’d like you all to picture this guy doing these cute taunts after defeating you in bloody hand-to-hand combat.

You are lying on the floor in shards of broken glass, your body battered and broken and this guy is spinning around in circles, clapping gleefully as he squeaks in a high-pitched voice...

Then you die.

Not so super adorable now.