Guy Hilariously Asks Strangers To Help Him Pay Off His Student Loans


Graduating college is like losing your virginity: Everyone tells you it's going to make you feel like a cool adult, but when you actually do it, all you feel is disappointed, confused, and that you wished it would've lasted longer than a GIF.

Now, not to brag or anything, but when I lost my virginity, GIFs weren't even invented yet. So in explaining how my first foray with intercourse went to my friends, I was forced to describe the length of the encounter as being around the same as "you know, a decently long fart.”

To make matters worse, not only do recent college graduates have fewer job opportunities available to them than a photograph of me dressed as Ash Ketchum yelling “DOW JONES!” into a shoe, but they're also usually in massively crippling debt.

So, with graduation season finishing up, the comedian who brought the internet all those fake book covers on the subway decided to take to the streets and ask people for some help with paying off his student loans.

The results are hilarious.

After all, going to college is like attending the world's most expensive summer camp. Sure, you learned how to do stuff with girls, but it costs more than a heart transplant.

Check out the super funny video above.

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