Cinnamon Roll Resembling E.T. 'Having An Orgasm' Will Ruin Your Childhood


Oh, internet! What the hell are we going to with you?

One minute, you're introducing us to the legendary Pizza Rat and the next minute, you're giving trolls a platform to pretend Taylor Swift endorsed President-elect Donald Trump.

This time, the internet is giving us something far more valuable than pizza-wielding subway rats and Photoshop hoaxes.

The most recent sight to cause a stir across social media? A literal cinnamon roll that looks EXACTLY like E.T.!

Now, this isn't just any kind of E.T. that this particular cinnamon roll resembles... Let's just say this is the E.T. you weren't introduced to as a child because, well, you were a child.

This cinnamon roll/E.T. lookalike is the spitting image of everyone's favorite "gentle alien" in the middle of having an orgasm. At this point, you're probably simply asking yourself, "What the actual fuck?"

So, without further ado...

Feast your eyes on the cinnamon roll that looks like E.T. having an orgasm.


You can thank the internet for that, people, and whoever the pastry chef was behind this unintentional masterpiece.

The hilarious photo was first shared on Reddit by user Cheftlp1221.

As expected, commenters used their, uh, vivid imaginations to describe it.


Some had other ideas...


Others just wanted to point out the obvious differences between cinnamon rolls and honey buns.


Don't see the resemblance between this cinnamon roll and E.T.? Allow me to highlight it for you.


*Takes a bow.* If you thought my Photoshop skills were on-point, you'll LOVE the absolute field day the Reddit community had with this.


This might be the best edit!


But things REALLY took off for Cinnamon Roll E.T. when the photo was shared on Twitter with the caption "why my cinnamon role look like E.T. bus a nut?"


Don't change, internet. Don't change.

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