Chris Pratt Asked For A New FB Header, And The Internet Crushed It (Photos)

Chris Pratt, if you don't remember, is that actor who was killing it on TV forever but then got a six pack, and America finally realized it loved him and should probably put him in all the movies.

Being likely the nicest and coolest dude-bro to ever grace the silver screen, he decided to get his fans involved in a little art project on his Facebook page.

Mr. Pratt wanted a new Facebook header, but, as he explains, he doesn't use "photo shop." I believe him.

Hello friends and fans. I am in the market for a new header for my FB page. I want to do a contest. Whoever replies with... Posted by Chris Pratt on Friday, July 31, 2015

Now that's sort of a tall order -- but never underestimate the nameless people who jump at this sort of opportunity (they are the same ones making all the memes).

The shadowy Photoshoppers set straight to work.

No winner has been announced yet, but the entries have been rolling in.

The results are very impressive.

This definitely took at least three hours of a person's limited life.

On their deathbeds, the artists of these headers are going to think about how they spent their lives, and they will be proud.

Most entries are like this...

...conforming rigidly to Pratt's seemingly insurmountable demands.

But, some people got weird with it.

Very weird. This is "Jurassic Parks and Amputation."

And I like these way more.

The America-gasm angle certainly has its charms.

I pretty much love every single one (this one has kissing in it, which is, you know, sick).

But, this is my favorite. Even though it probably took 30 seconds to make and was, I'm certain, made by someone while he or she was in the act of taking a "phat rip" of a 3-foot bong shaped like an alien's penis.

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