You Can't Complain About Winter After Seeing What It's Like In Canada (Video)

Let's face it, this winter has sucked weather-wise, and most of us are more than ready to shed our puffy coats and soak up the warm, bright sun.

There's probably no group of people more ready, however, than Canadians. This video, shot in Dieppe, New Brunswick, shows just how rough they got it this year.

If you thought the snow in Boston was bad, what you're about to see will blow your mind. Some Canadian homes are literally buried.

It is, according to the homeowner in the video, "a sh*tstorm."

Just for reference, the video simply depicts a resident trying to leave his home. I say “trying” because, thanks to the incredible accumulation of snow, he can't.

So, yeah. No matter how bad you think you have it, just remember: It could be much, much worse (although, the mandatory stay-at-home days wouldn't be so bad).

We present to you: Winters in Canada, as told from a Canadian's front door.

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