Guy Pulled By Snowmobile Actually Snowboards In The Streets Of Boston (Video)

One of the only things that makes the winter cold bearable is the fact that you can grab your board and hit the slopes during the snowy season.

But if you thought you needed to live near a mountain to get your skiing fix, think again.

Last week during Boston's insane blizzard, one guy made the best of the snowy situation by strapping up and setting out to show off some snowboarding moves.

But he wasn't carving through powder-filled trails at a pristine mountain ski resort. Instead, this guy simply snowboarded down the streets of Boston.

That's right. Boston got slammed with so much snow, you could actually snowboard through the desolate streets. Luckily, someone was able to capture this snowboarder on camera and, to be honest, shredding through the streets looks pretty awesome.

This city snowboarder had a friend tow him on a snowmobile, and you can see him zoom through the snow-covered streets and zip through empty intersections.

This guy certainly proves there are way better things to do on a snow day in Boston than sit inside your house and watch "Law and Order" on Netflix all day.

Take a look at the video to see this awesome snowboarder riding through the streets of Boston.

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