I Tweeted Nice Things At Calvin Harris For A Week To Make Sure He's Doing OK

by Sheena Sharma

Calvin Harris has clearly been going through some shit, what with posting shady AF snaps about fans and ones of him telling himself to go away.

Because I am in love with him to the point of unhealthy obsession, I decided to check in on him every day for a week to make sure he wasn't hanging himself by his shower head.

The tweets started out pretty ordinary, with me simply asking him WTF is going on with his snap stories and why.

But then, they started to get, uh, weird (even for me).

When Calvin stopped updating the world with his daily motivational speeches on Snapchat, I got concerned.

Even my FRIENDS began to get concerned.

Since he wasn't responding to any of my poetic tweets, I figured I'd Snap him, too.

Still no response. I decided to give up.

But I'm going to hold my head up high. Now, in the midst of all MY heartbreak (thanks, Calvin), it looks like Calvin is dealing with his own heartbreak in the best way he knows how: by writing a song.

According to new reports, Calvin has written a song about Taylor cheating on him, which is going to be released TOMORROW. YES, TOMORROW. I literally cannot wait.

The song appears to be an obvious dig at Taylor. One lyric is, "I see online that you begun to be a good girl and take trips with your boyfriend. Being attentive, continue to pretend... " so this is only going to add an extra level of dramz to this already crazy breakup.

I'm really hoping this song will help me get a better idea about how Calvin is feeling. As a fellow creative, I can respect his decision to write about his feelings. It's quite cathartic. I'm just hoping the release of his song won't rub salt in his already gaping wound.

What's also wild about this whole situation is I used to be a huge fan of Taylor Swift, even more so than I was for Calvin. But after doing Calvin dirty like that, I'm not exactly sure I can respect her anymore.

Stay tuned for my analysis of his new track.