Yep, You Can Actually Buy Lipstick That Looks Exactly Like A D*ck


There's always been a surprisingly sizeable market for products resembling penises, ranging from the ever-popular drinking straws that are staples at bachelorette parties to the bags of edible phalli you can send to anyone you want to literally eat a bag of d*cks.

I'm not sure how it took this long, but a new product has burst onto the penis-shaped marketplace, and anyone who ever maligned the lack of lipsticks designed to look like incredibly veiny penises is going to be very excited about this new development.

An Etsy vendor in the United Kingdom is offering a line of lipsticks in 12 different colors that are perfect for anyone who wants to add a bit of pop to their lips with the help of a d*ck.

The page markets the product as an "adult novelty" and a fantastic "party favor" -- because what's the point of hosting an orgy if you're not going to give your guests tasteful gift bags on their ways out the door?

The best part? You can even order custom flags to attach to each tube so you can keep track of which one is yours.


Because the last thing your bachelorette party needs is people fighting over d*cks.

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