Bridesmaid Passes Out At The Altar Right In The Middle Of The Ceremony (Photo)

A wedding is a time for two people to come together in the bond of everlasting love while everyone else gets drunk and tries to have sex with anyone who isn't his or her relative.

But, things don't always go as planned.

Weddings are prone to obstacles -- whether it's someone giving a "hilarious" speech about the groom's past sexual conquests or a drunk uncle wrapping his tie around his forehead like a Ninja Turtle.

I found a delightful example of this assertion.

This bridesmaid passed out the exact moment the officiator said, "You may kiss the bride."


I didn't notice her at first, but then, I looked at the ground. She's the, um, unconscious person.

Apparently, the ceremony wasn't even that long, and the bridesmaid just needed to eat something that wasn't champagne.


Weddings get people so excited, they forget to do normal things such as eat, drink water and not faint.

The person who took the photograph of the fainting bridesmaid was actually her brother, who either didn't notice she fell or just knows what makes a very good picture.


If this guy did notice she fell, then he has the dedication and commitment necessary to be a photojournalist.

The bridesmaid was fine after a few minutes, and the wedding went smoothly after the hiccup.

And by smoothly, of course, I mean there were only two fist fights, and no one got pregnant.