Lifestyle — This Is How You Can Re-Wear Your Bridesmaid Dress In Different Styles

It's everyone's favorite season! No, not day drinking season. No, not beach season. No, not even summer Friday season. It's… WEDDING SEASON! All your save the dates that have been piling up on your refrigerator are now dictating your summer agenda. Don't get me wrong, I love wedding season. How can one person be upset about open bars and free food? I mean, I can eat 20 pigs in the blanket, 10 crab cakes and four gin and tonics in one cocktail hour… just saying. (I may or may not be a pro.)

If you're a seasoned wedding guest, like me, it is unavoidable that you are also a seasoned wedding participant. I started young as a flower girl for my cousin's wedding at a mere age of 4 years old. Now, as a young adult (or someone who is trying to be), I have been in three weddings as a bridesmaid and gearing up to be my sister's maid of honor next spring.

If you are a frequent bridesmaid, you know there are two types of brides: the controlling bride(zilla) and the chill, go-with-the-flow bride. The second type usually lets the bridesmaids have some type of say in the choice of bridesmaids dress while the bridezilla is more of a dictator in this situation. Either way, the dress they choose can be pretty brutal. I would say you probably have a 50/50 chance of actually liking the dress you have to wear.

So what do you do after you spend a good chunk of change on a dress that you might never wear again? Throwing it out seems like a waste of money and letting it collect dust in your closet is even worse. We decided that there needs to be a solution to this dress problem. After a lot of research and a lot of weddings, we have come up with three simple tips on how to re-wear the dress you thought you were only going to wear once. Now you can enjoy wedding season guilt-free. Cheers!

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