Classic Paintings Perfectly Describe What It's Like To Go Through A Breakup

It doesn't matter if you're the person doing the breaking up or the one getting your heart diarreahed on: Dealing with the end of a relationship is the worst thing in the world.

Well, OK, not the worst thing. The worst thing in the world, of course, is being stuck in an elevator with a blacked-out and very hungry Gary Busey.

It's just kind of like going to bed one night and while you're asleep, a surgeon takes a scalpel and slices your heart into two pieces, then stitches you back up and makes you get up to go give a presentation in front of 100 people about why the recession happened.

That's almost as bad as Busey. Almost.

But I'm here for you, guys: all you broken-hearted economists out there, all you sorry slobs just trying to keep it together. I see you, I hear you.

I've used classic paintings to illustrate the trials and tribulations of breakups. Here are the the ups and (mostly) downs of this universal struggle. Sometimes it has to happen, but it's never fun.

When you finally realize this mortifying fact.

You're not fooling anybody, Steve.



Oh yeah, and Beyoncé lied to us.

Telling people is a whole other thing.

I'll wear what I f*cking want, you stupid sloths.

Yeah, Sheryl, I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

It's not all misery. There are also the perks.

Whatever works.

When you have your first one night stand post break up.

Look at your own Instagram, you're doing it too.

At least you can pee outside.

Modern romance.

Sure you have, Steve.

Never leave a man behind.

Never, ever, in the course of human history, has this ever been true.

Go home, eat snacks...

...and enjoy this.