Dad Comes Up With An Amazing Way To Improve His Daughter's Grades (Photo)

Everyone has a different parenting style. My mom's, for example, can be summed up in two words: "STOP IT!!!!!!"

I never stopped "it."

These days, parenting is even harder because kids have access to so many distractions through their phones. When I was kid, I had to destroy furniture with nunchucks to entertain myself like a normal person.

Now kids just fall headfirst into the virtual worlds of their phones.

When one man's daughter began receiving Ds in math, he came up with an ingenious way to get her grades back up.

He imprisoned her iPhone behind fire alarm break glass.

Yup, the girl won't get her phone back until she gets a B, which is honestly a little confusing because fire starts with "F."

Also, I bet you guys all a hundred dollars that when the time comes, no glass gets broken. I bet they just take the back of the frame off like cowards.