A British Show Actually Came Up With The Idea For Tinder In 1997 (Video)

You know when you forget your headphones at home and on your morning commute, you play that game you don't tell anyone about called "Who Here Would I Have Sex With?."

Well, that's what Tinder is. Except with Tinder, you tell people.

One of the best ways to tell your satire kicks some serious ass is if it makes fun of something that doesn't even exist yet, which is exactly what a British show called "Brass Eye" did when it basically invented the app in the late 90s.

So, let me take a try: Hey, you know what's dumb? All these color-coded prosthetic penises with e-reader capabilities that everyone is buying these days!

Think I'm nuts? You'll see who's crazy in 18 years when you're buying an "e-wiener" like everybody else.