This Video Of A Boring Office Job Proves GoPros Make Anything Exciting

By now we're used to GoPro's ad campaign where they put GoPros on skydivers, lion tamers and whatnot. The idea is: "Let's put cameras on people doing really dangerous, cool stuff you will never do."

But what about the dangerous stuff normal people actually take part in? And I'm not talking about poisoning our bodies with alcohol, getting married or moving to Phoenix.

No, I'm talking about our most lethal activity of all: working at a boring office job.

Now there's an extreme sport I know something about. I used to work at an office job that made me feel like my soul had liquefied and I peed a bit of it out every time I used the bathroom.

Thankfully, we now have a GoPro commercial that captures the utter intensity of sitting at a desk for eight hours having your heart broken by boredom.

Who needs backflips when you have Excel and a label maker?