The 15 Most Amazing GoPro Videos Ever Recorded

by Robert Anthony

GoPro cameras are the only tech inventions we were introduced to in 2013 that we think deserve to continue trending in 2014. These handy-dandy cameras are perfect for just about any activity, including skydiving, surfing, or rescuing a baby kitten from a tree.

If you already own a GoPro camera, there's a likely chance you carry it around just about everywhere you go because you never know what's going to happen. Dash cams in Russia have nothing on these! Below is a list of the most amazing GoPro videos you'll ever see. Check them out!

15. This guy recorded himself in an F18 fighter jet.

14. If you ever get the chance to hang out with lions, record it.

13. Vertical skydiving looks like a breeze, doesn't it?

12. Kelly McGarry flips over a 72-foot-long canyon gap.

11. Six months in Afghanistan in a two-minute video.

10. Yes, there is such a thing as waterski-breakdancing.

9. This guy rides all around Philly with his cat on his shoulder.

8. You're going to want to add avalanche cliff jumping to your bucket list.

7. Who said sending a toy robot to space was impossible?!

6. Genius biker thinks he can make it through a flood on his motorcycle.

5. Oh, what about the time a seagull stole a GoPro? Insane.

4. Want to see what an angry rattlesnake looks like?

3. Rope-swinging from a moving boat sounds like fun.

2. The world's greatest fireman rescues a kitten.

1. Shane Victorino captures the moment the Red Sox won the World Series.

Top Photo Courtesy of YouTube