People Hilariously Attack Vogue For Thinking It Discovered The Big Booty (Photos)

by Emily Arata

A wise woman once said that the booty don't lie. Well, neither does black Twitter.

After Vogue published an ill-advised article crediting Iggy Azalea and Miley Cyrus for making the big butt a fashionable accessory, black Twitter users decided to put an end to the magazine's entitled appropriation.

The hashtag #VogueArticles was born. Twitter's been misattributing history's greatest black discoveries for several days now, and each one is even funnier than the last. There are also a few hesitant white additions, shyly made.

Black Twitter demands that publications like Vogue stop and think before publishing articles like "The Dawn of the Butt." And, mostly, there are a lot of pretty apt Vogue parodies.

Style chat, Katy Perry on how to dress like a authentic African Egyptian Queen. Get the look now on page 40 #VogueArticles — Luna (@Lunadeapril) September 12, 2014
Glee and The Rebirth of Negro Spirituals #VogueArticles — Oz-imus Prime (@letsgetfree13) September 12, 2014
Paula Deen: Queen of soul food #VogueArticles #DishNation — Rickey Smiley (@RickeySmiley) September 11, 2014
"Changing Fashion One Braid at a Time - a Conversation with Bo Derek" #VogueArticles — Gina Bee (@GinaSpot) September 12, 2014
The Black Keys Bring a New Sound called "Blues". #VogueArticles — Kahmeela (@The_RuggedAngel) September 12, 2014
"My Inspiration was a white girl" - Sir Mix-a-Lot #VogueArticles — Gina Bee (@GinaSpot) September 12, 2014
How Sarah Jessica Parker Revolutionized the Nameplate #VogueArticles — mwalton (@mwalton) September 12, 2014
Gordon Ramsay invents new British delicacy Jamaican Jerk Chicken #VogueArticles — Diamönd Gööner (@Arsenal_myview) September 12, 2014
Celebrity stylist Paul mitchell has invented protective styling and a new trend called Bantu knots #VogueArticles — Luna (@Lunadeapril) September 12, 2014
Jason Sehorn ushers in the era of the ultra-athletic cornerback. #VogueArticles — Othello H. Meadows (@omeadows) September 12, 2014
Timbalands, baggy pants and corn rows: How Marky Mark's progressive fashion sense changed urban culture past to present #VogueArticles — Lance Houston (@lancehouston) September 12, 2014
Natural Hair Journey: A Lookback at the Iconic Hairstyles of Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen #VogueArticles — Michael Bae Fox (@Cloud10LV) September 12, 2014
"Sure, You Can Touch My Hair: A Guide to Interacting with Your One Black Friend in Post-Racial America" #VogueArticles — Sheyna Burt (@LawDivaSheyna) September 12, 2014
Chitterlings: A good source for Omega 3's #VogueArticles — E. Brian Dobbins (@bdobb) September 12, 2014
Girlfriend, Please! Why We Don't See Color in America #VogueArticles — Marie (@glasspeaches) September 12, 2014
How Madonna made wearing grills fashionable #voguearticles — Mochichi Chic (@MochichiC) September 11, 2014
Is it socially acceptable for non-blacks to tweet about #VogueArticles? Barbara Walters gives us more on The View. — Jeremy Crandall (@DoctorExtremos) September 12, 2014
Miley Cyrus is the New Black #VogueArticles — YoYahra (@YoYahra) September 12, 2014
Martha Stewart pioneers Gullah Sweetgrass baskets in South Carolina low country #VogueArticles — Surreal Life Imagery (@surrealphotog) September 12, 2014

H/T: Huffington Post, Photo Courtesy:We Heart It