Vogue Actually Thinks It Discovered That Big Booties Are A Thing

by Emily Arata

Hey, did you know that Vogue magazine invented the prominent female derrière?

According to a recent article published by Vogue, the fashion institution is declaring this the "Era of the Big Booty."

Those fashionistas think they invented it, and even post a picture of Beyoncé's enviable body in the "Partition" music video just to prove a point.

They list music videos like 2001's "Bootylicious" as the beginnings of the booty craze.

It's possible that entire races and genders were embracing the big booty before Vogue thought it was cool.

That's an idea that doesn't seem to cross Vogue's mind as it boldly slaps a big, metaphorical "approved" stamp across the booties of women like Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and Nick Minaj.

Perhaps white women did not invent the concept of a booty out of thin air. Perhaps women, both white and of color, have been valuing their curves for years.

Women do not need Vogue to tell them their booties are beautiful. Booties are not a commodity, and they are not a trend.

In fact, Vogue can keep its greedy, Louboutin-red nails off the booty.

H/T: Buzzfeed, Photo Courtesy: Instagram