12 Photos Of Horrible Parking Jobs That Will Ruin Your Faith In Humanity


Cars are like steroids for douchebags: If you're not already a douchebag, it won't do that much, but if you are, a car will amplify your douche-level a thousand times over.

And there is no more horrendous arena for the douchebag-with-a-car than a parking lot. Man spreaders and bad parkers probably experience a lot of demographic crossover.

So, here are 12 douchebags to help get you riled up.

It's Monday, and you should be pissed off.

Some Good Samaritan helped this guy out. Lesson here: Carry chalk.

"What do you want to be when you grow up, Jimmy?" the teacher asked. "...Hated," Jimmy said, sharpening his knives.

Parking like this is the car equivalent of peeing on the floor in a public bathroom because using your hands to point to your dick is too much of a hassle.

Please note the modern hero who parked behind him.

Usually, they take up two spots. But this guy has four spots to his name because if you're going to be evil, be the Joker, not one of his henchmen.

It's like he's daring God to give him cancer.

This is either a mistake, or this douchebag really hates when the sun makes his car with no doors hot.

Then there is this. I don't have anything to say about this. This is obviously a cry for help.

"Would you like to sit inside or outside, inside that car?"

The douchebag here is well hidden. Look at the blue car, five from the right, middle row. You're welcome.


God I hate these pieces of sh*t so much. Someone key this man's car immediately.