This 5-Month-Old Baby Giving A Thumbs Up Crushes His Photo Shoot

When I was 5 months old, the only thing I was good at was getting my poop all over my dad when he tried to change me.

But not all people are born equal.

Some babies, for example, are born with the ability to smile and give a thumbs up like they're your friendly drunk uncle at a Yankees game.

Don't believe me? Just feast your eyes on this gentleman.

He looks like a guy who got divorced a few years ago but is now really pulling it together by taking a more active role in his happiness and career.

If you're wondering what this little man is going to look like when he grows up, we've got that covered.

Our IT department here at Elite Daily has used the most cutting-edge technology to generate what this baby will look like as an adult.

Listen, I was just as surprised as you.

I know, turns out leather jackets are still a thing in the future. Weird, right? They're, like, timeless.