Hilarious Instagram Account Shows The Problems Average Parents Face (Photos)

Most content on Instagram regarding parenting usually revolves around how impeccable, creative and perpetually skinny certain blessed parents seem to be.

Basically, Instagram is flush with people entirely unlike regular parents, who are usually just struggling to remind themselves "who gives a sh*t at this point" is not a healthy response to getting human poop on your face.

But one Instagram account called Average Parent Problems has answered the call of all mediocre, just-doing-their-best, stressed-out and sleep-deprived parents.

This account, run by blogger Ilana Wiles, shows a refreshing look at the life most parents experience. It is a life dictated by the tyrannical needs of their beloved little Satan-worshippers and a life that is wholly underrepresented on Instagram.

Until now, that is. So put down your matcha tea, replace your yoga pants with vomit-stained sweatpants, and behold the world as it is.

"And that's how my mannequin phobia started."

"Just act normal, bro. She doesn't know."

"Listen, guys, I'm a super quick learner."

"No one understands my work."

"Ask me if I care? Seriously, I dare you. Ask me."

"Look, I'm hurt! Also, go f*ck yourself, old man."

"Another couple minutes of this and I will be forced to draw with the only paint I have. I'll give you a hint; it is brown."

"Foolish woman, haven't you read about Cain and Abel. He will slay me."

"Dad, look at this f*cking noob. You done got HAZED, FRESHMAN."

"Mr. Carpet, will you be my boyfriend? Take your time to answer that."

"A queen never abandons her subjects. I have a duty to my constituents, mom."

"Dads are like dinosaurs; they don't see you if you don't move."

"Yes, I'm sorry but we are going to have to pull the tooth. Nurse, prepare the anesthesia. This is gonna be ugly."

"From now on, call me Dr. ABSORPTION! Oh, and this is my partner in crime, Lil' Flow."

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