An 'Anti-Feminist Protest' At A Liberal Arts School Is A Terrible Idea

The anti-feminist "Meninist" movement is probably the dumbest thing to happen since Enrique Iglesias removed his mole.

Meninists majorly suck, and nearly everyone hates them. So, naturally, a couple of YouTube pranksters decided to grab some fedoras and put on a fake anti-feminist protest at a liberal arts college to piss everyone off.

Well, that's exactly what happened.

In fact, one girl, who clearly didn't realize it was all a joke, walks up and slaps one of the guys, which tragically causes his fedora to fall to the ground. Look, I'm into standing up for what you believe in, but let's leave the fighting to the professionals (Pokémon).

And now: a moment of silence for all the fallen fedoras throughout history.